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Truvia & Better Baking

Keep the sweetness in your cookies, cakes and muffins, with less sugar.

Cup-for-Cup Baking with Truvia Sweet Complete®

Truvia Sweet Complete® Granulated All-Purpose Sweetener and Truvia Sweet Complete® Icing Sweetener measure cup-for-cup like sugar in recipes, so you can bake what you love with zero calories per serving.
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Sweet Complete® Granulated All-Purpose

Perfect for baking cakes, cookies, muffins, or making smoothies and drinks. Measures cup-for-cup like sugar with zero calories per serving.


Sweet Complete® Icing

Great for icings, custards, and cheesecakes. Measures cup-for-cup like icing sugar in recipes with zero calories per serving.

Sweet Complete® Tips & Tricks

  • Store Sweet Complete® Sweetener in a sealed container to prevent clumping or hardening.
  • Sweet Complete® does not contain granulated sugar, and will not help yeast to rise. Try adding more yeast or pre-treating yeast with warm water and flour to speed the process.
  • Add an extra 15 mL of water or other liquid to improve results when baking traditional flour-based cakes.
  • For best taste, recipes made with Sweet Complete® should be enjoyed within seven days.
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